Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New Multi-User Collaboration Feature for Paradox SEO

It is still early days and we have limited information on what system our users actually using for team work and collaboration. We would love to hear thoughts and ideas on how to make Paradox SEO the best multi-user SEO software in the universe! Please comment below...

For now, we have taken an MVP approach to this and used common sense and our own knowledge. We have added our own collaboration tool to the Paradox SEO Platform so that you can now invite team members and associates to work on your project from within their own account.

You can see the new team collaboration feature by registering at www.paradoxseo.com, creating an seo campaign and then visiting the task management area. From there, just click on one of the envelopes and an invite box will appear. 

As this is the first time you will have used this, you will first have to invite someone to the party. Once some of your colleagues have accepted, you will be able to simply select their name from the drop down.

So that we can improve our features please let us know how you collaborate. Do you prefer collaborating over email, Google Docs, SharePoint or a similar tool? Or does your team collaborate using Bitbucket, GitHub or similar? 

Let us know below and we will see if we can make your seo program run more smoothly and integrate better with your other business processes.